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Easy to set up, 100% Free, and now with Group Scheduling, Google Calendar sync and Outlook Calendar sync! Now with free video calls integrated, for a super-fast, end-to-end virtual meeting experience! Use CatchApp to find the best time for your meetings. Offer your invitees a number of times, and invite them to select which works best. Invitees don’t even need the app or an account to participate! CatchApp is used by professionals in 50+ countries. Saves hours of meeting scheduling each week. Find the perfect time to meet for 1-on-1 meetings, or for Group meetings: - 100% Free - No annoying ads - Privacy focused – no data scraping - Schedule 1-on-1 or Group meetings - Unlimited number of invites - In-sync with your calendar ---------------------------------------- CatchApp is ideal for planning any type of real-world meeting, or conference call (Skype, Zoom, etc). You can even include an address or a place for your meeting, and your invitees will be sent the complete location info. And, you can send your invites directly to any email address, or mobile number. Stop the back-and-forth over email or SMS, and save hours of your time every week. You‘ll wonder how you ever lived without it. ---------------------------------------- WHY USE CATCHAPP: • SAVE TIME: Instead of messaging back-and-forth, you set up one invite, and send. Easy! • 1-on-1 MEETINGS: Schedule 1 or 10 individual meetings with 1 invite! • GROUP SCHEDULING: Invite a Group to vote on which times work for them. Planning for a group of 10 or 100 people is just as easy to find the best time to meet! • FREE: There are no subscription fees to use CatchApp. And, no payment is required, for UNLIMITED meeting scheduling! • CUSTOMISED & POWERFUL: Select the times you ‘d like to offer to your invitee, the location (address, or specific place), meeting agenda, and more. • SEND INVITES ANYWHERE: Your invite can be sent to an email address or mobile number. Your invitees can accept an invite on any device. • INTEGRATED CALENDAR: When an invite is accepted, you are notified, and it is automatically added to your calendar! Your invitees also receive a confirmation email with an option to also add it to their preferred calendar. • INTEGRATED LOCATIONS: Integrated with Maps to get to your meeting fast, look up opening hours, contact details, website and more. • INTEGRATED COMMUNICATIONS: Need to contact the person you‘re meeting? You can access WhatsApp, SMS, or email from within CatchApp. • POWER SCHEDULING: Need to schedule lots of 1-on-1 meetings in one go? For instance, when interviewing 10 candidates, or planning 10 meetings at a conference? You can send 1 invite to 10 people offering them 10+ times to choose from. As each person selects a time, it disappears for everyone else! It’s personal, private, and can handle a month’s meetings in a single invite! • AND MUCH MORE: Calendar integration to view your availability in context, intelligent reminders (even for your invitees who may not have the app), multi-person invites, and much more! ---------------------------------------- Here’s what some of our users are saying about us: “I use CatchApp to schedule 10-15 meetings each week. Each person accepts a time, and all are automatically in my calendar without double-booking my time. Saving over 2 hours a week since I started using CatchApp” – Saad C. – CCO at Miniclip “Nobody has to sign up for anything–they just click yes on the time that works for them, and it’s done. I love it!” — Markus S. - Sales Director at Snowflake
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